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Online Training Programs

These trainings may be completed on your computer or printed and completed by hand.  All instructions are included.


SAMPLE TRAININGN/AN/A0This sample training will give you the opportunity to see how these courses are designed.  It is a fully functional fillable PDF file. No certificate will be issued for this sample training. There is NO cost for downloading this file.Purchase
A Child's Brain & Technology2ECE 1.1$15.00Children are learning in different manners due to technology. Teachers need to understand how digital use is changing brain function.Purchase
A Little Scientist3ECE 4.3$18.50Beginning concepts of science will be taught in a FUN manner using literature and hands-on activities for the 2 to 4 year old child.Purchase
Animals & Children: Their Special Connection2ECE 4.3$15.00Animals are one of the first things that young children recognize. This training takes a look at how animals help children develop.Purchase
Babies First Year: 2016 Edition2ECE 1.1$15.00A child's first twelve months are critical to their development. Knowledge of this stage of life is important for proper care.Purchase
Basic Core6VARIES$28.50This course includes infectious diseases, injury control and child abuse.Purchase
Beyond The Egg Carton And T.P. Roll: Art Development In The First Four Years2ECE 4.3$15.00All children progress in a particular manner when it pertains to art, especially drawing. Learn how the brain works in this area of development.Purchase
Build Them Up - Knock Them Down: How block play develops the brain2ECE 1.3$15.00Children discover blocks as early as infancy. Teaching math, language, and social skills using blocks extends knowledge in the classroom.Purchase
Calgon Take Me Away!2ECE 4.3$15.00The only behavior we can control is our own! Positive guidance techniques teach children behavior management without the use of punishment or highly stressful classrooms.Purchase
Caterpillars, Crickets, And Fireflies: Inside The World Of Eric Carle Books4ECE 4.2$28.50Eric Carle is a well-known author, illustrator of children's literature. Come learn where his beautiful books began and why children love them so much. Special Note: A portion of this training requires you to plan an activity with the children in your care and explain how the children like it, etc. The time it takes for you to complete this assignment (1 hour) with the children is included in the 4 hour credit. How much time you actually take is completely up to you.Purchase
Children & Caregivers : Understanding Secure Attachments2ECE 1.3$15.00Forming a secure attachment with children is of utmost importance. Information contained within will help the caregiver provide this environment for those in their care.Purchase
Classroom Management: Takes More Than Planning2ECE 4.3$15.00Planning the classroom helps teachers to control student behavior while having an atmosphere for learning and fun.Purchase
Cooking with Kids2ECE 4.3$15.00Cooking with children teaches language, literacy, social, and math skills. This course will help you teach them while having fun!Purchase
Critters Are Not Creepy: Teaching Respect For Nature's Insects3ECE 1.3$18.50Learning about insects can be made FUN and NOT scary! This course helps teach children respect for nature.Purchase
Cultural Acceptance: The Unbiased Teacher2ECE 1.1$15.00Young children naturally accept everyone. This course helps the teacher to make sure she/he is doing the same.Purchase
Dr. Seuss is NOT Obtuse: understanding the importance of his words and bringing them alive in the early childcare classroom2ECE 4.2f$15.00The works of Dr. Seuss are important to language development in children. See how to apply his fun with language in your classroom.Purchase
Early Literacy Skills2ECE 5.5$15.00Literacy skills are at their lowest ever in the U.S.A. Teachers MUST help young children achieve the skills necessary to become proficient readers.Purchase
Fill My Plate with Veggies - 2018 Update2ECE 1.4$15.00Childhood obesity and related health problems continue to rise in the US. Learn how you can help by teaching children healthy habits early.Purchase
Food & Other Allergies: Learn the Facts2ECE 1.4$15.00Allergies can be life threatening. 1 child out of 13 is affected. Learn the signs, prevention methods, and be prepared to help.Purchase
Health & Safety Orientation Training – 10 Hours10ECEs 1.3, 1.4, 4.3, 5.1 & 6.1$30.00New employees MUST take Health & Safety Orientation in their first 90 days of employment. This 10-hour credit course covers all requirements by B.F.T.S.Purchase
Help! I Am Pulling My Hair Out!2ECE 1.4$15.00Learn the difference between punishment and discipline and how to help children behave in appropriate ways.Purchase
I Will Do It MYSELF: Building self-esteem in young children2ECE 1.3$15.00This training is to help you realize the many opportunities you have to help children build their self-esteem.Purchase
Learning To Love Books2ECE 5.5c$15.00Learning to love books is important. This course explains the benefits to appreciating books from a young age plus ideas to help make that happen.Purchase
Listen, Listen: Music is Everywhere - 2017 Edition2ECE 5.6$15.00Music enhances cognitive functioning as well as all types of development. This D.I.Y training helps you bring more music into the lives of the children.Purchase
LOOK AGAIN: B.F.T.S. New Transportation Rules 2019 Edition2ECE 1.4$15.00Leaving children behind on a vehicle is serious, and has caused deaths! LOOK AGAIN is MANDATORY for all those transporting children.Purchase
Parents are Always the First Teacher2ECE 2.2$15.00Understanding the depth of connection between children and their parent's will help the teacher connect with parents for the child's best possible outcome.Purchase
Poverty & Violence: Effects on a Young Brain2ECE 1.2$15.00Acknowledging and learning how poverty and violence affect the child's brain and development.Purchase
Preschool Math: It's Never Too Early2ECE 5.6$15.00Children love to learn, let's connect math skills to their everyday play and have FUN while developing their understanding of math basics.Purchase
S.N.A.C.K. Starting Nutrition Awareness Children Know2ECE 1.3$15.00Teaching young children healthy habits through fun activities creating SNACKS they will love to make AND eat!Purchase
See All, Hear All, Speak All: Sensory Brain Development in the First Three Years3ECE 1.2$18.50Sensory development is very important, especially in the first three years of life. Knowledge in this area of development will help guide your teachings.Purchase
Speak Up for Children: Advocating for Their Rights2ECE 6.1$15.00Just like adults, all children have rights. Our US Constitution tells us so. Learn how your position makes you the voice of the child.Purchase
The Business Of Operating A Family Child Care Home2ECE 6.1$15.00Excellent start up advice, plus great information for those already in business. Satisfies training for new licensing by B.F.T.S.Purchase
The Early Theorists in Education: Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, & Piaget2ECE 6.2$15.00A beginning level training in educational theories to inform practice within early childcare classrooms.Purchase
The Magnificent Brain in the 1st Three Years2ECE 5.1$15.00Brain development in the first three years is looked at in this training to help you understand how much is going on during this period.Purchase
The Terrific TWOS: Child Development from 24 to 36 Months2ECE 1.1$15.00Each year of a child's life brings new changes in their development. Learn what is happening to an average child between 24 to 36 months.Purchase
Transitioning With The Young Child In Mind2ECE 4.1$15.00Young children often have difficulty moving from one activity or place to another. Let's find out why and make it easier and FUN!Purchase
Training For Trainers Level 140ADM 9$350.00Many trainers need to complete the requirements for Trainer Designation, Level 1. This course is a comprehensive look at the necessary skills to train adults in the field.Purchase