Online Training Programs

These trainings may be completed on your computer or printed and completed by hand.  All instructions are included.

A Child's Brain & Technology 2 ECE 1.1 $15.00 Children are learning in different manners due to technology. Teachers need to understand how digital use is changing brain function. Purchase
A Little Scientist 3 ECE 4.3 $18.50 Beginning concepts of science will be taught in a FUN manner using literature and hands-on activities for the 2 to 4 year old child.Purchase
Animals & Children: Their Special Connection 2ECE 4.3 $15.00Animals are one of the first things that young children recognize. This training takes a look at how animals help children develop.Purchase
Babies First Year: 2016 Edition 2 ECE 1.1 $15.00 A child's first twelve months are critical to their development. Knowledge of this stage of life is important for proper care.Purchase
Basic Core 6 VARIES $28.50 This course includes infectious diseases, injury control and child abuse. Purchase
Calgon Take Me Away! 2 ECE 4.3 $15.00The only behavior we can control is our own! Positive guidance techniques teach children behavior management without the use of punishment or highly stressful classrooms.Purchase
Children & Caregivers : Understanding Secure Attachments2 ECE 1.3 $15.00 Forming a secure attachment with children is of utmost importance. Information contained within will help the caregiver provide this environment for those in their care.Purchase
Classroom Management: Takes More Than Planning 2 ECE 4.3 $15.00Planning the classroom helps teachers to control student behavior while having an atmosphere for learning and fun.Purchase
Cooking with Kids 2 ECE 4.3 $15.00 Cooking with children teaches language, literacy, social, and math skills. This course will help you teach them while having fun!Purchase
Cultural Acceptance: The Unbiased Teacher2 ECE 1.1 $15.00 Young children naturally accept everyone. This course helps the teacher to make sure she/he is doing the same.Purchase
Early Literacy Skills 2 ECE 5.5 $15.00 Literacy skills are at their lowest ever in the U.S.A. Teachers MUST help young children achieve the skills necessary to become proficient readers.Purchase
Feeding Our Children II 4 ECE 5.2 $26.50 This course covers information about nutrition, USDA food pyramid, and healthy ways to prepare and serve children foods they will be happy to eat.Purchase
Fill My Plate with Veggies - 2018 Update 2 ECE 1.4 $15.00 Childhood obesity and related health problems continue to rise in the US. Learn how you can help by teaching children healthy habits early.Purchase
Food & Other Allergies: Learn the Facts 2 ECE 1.4 $15.00 Allergies can be life threatening. 1 child out of 13 is affected. Learn the signs, prevention methods, and be prepared to help.Purchase
Health & Safety Orientation and First Year Basic Six Training 8 ECE 1.4 $30.00 This course includes ALL required information MANDATORY for all employees for New Health and Safety Orientation plus Basic Core to satisfy B.F.T.S.Purchase
Help! I Am Pulling My Hair Out! 2 ECE 1.4 $15.00Learn the difference between punishment and discipline and how to help children behave in appropriate ways.Purchase
I Will Do It MYSELF: Building self-esteem in young children 2 ECE 1.3 $15.00 This training is to help you realize the many opportunities you have to help children build their self-esteem.Purchase
Listen, Listen: Music is Everywhere - 2017 Edition 2 ECE 5.6 $15.00 Music enhances cognitive functioning as well as all types of development. This D.I.Y training helps you bring more music into the lives of the children.Purchase
LOOK AGAIN: B.F.T.S. New Transportation Rules 2ECE 1.4 $15.00 Leaving children behind on a vehicle is serious, and has caused deaths! LOOK AGAIN is MANDATORY for all those transporting children.Purchase
Parents are Always the First Teacher 2 ECE 2.2 $15.00 Understanding the depth of connection between children and their parent's will help the teacher connect with parents for the child's best possible outcome.Purchase
Poverty & Violence: Effects on a Young Brain 2 ECE 1.2 $15.00 Acknowledging and learning how poverty and violence affect the child's brain and development.Purchase
Preschool Math: It's Never Too Early 2 ECE 5.6 $15.00 Children love to learn, let's connect math skills to their everyday play and have FUN while developing their understanding of math basics. Purchase
S.N.A.C.K. Starting Nutrition Awareness Children Know 2 ECE 1.3 $15.00 Teaching young children healthy habits through fun activities creating SNACKS they will love to make AND eat! Purchase
See All, Hear All, Speak All: Sensory Brain Development in the First Three Years3 ECE 1.2 $18.50 Sensory development is very important, especially in the first three years of life. Knowledge in this area of development will help guide your teachings.Purchase
Speak Up for Children: Advocating for Their Rights 2 ECE 6.1 $15.00 Just like adults, all children have rights. Our US Constitution tells us so. Learn how your position makes you the voice of the child.Purchase
The Early Theorists in Education: Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, & Piaget 2 ECE 6.2 $15.00 A beginning level training in educational theories to inform practice within early childcare classrooms.Purchase
The Magnificent Brain in the 1st Three Years2 ECE 5.1 $15.00 Brain development in the first three years is looked at in this training to help you understand how much is going on during this period.Purchase
The Terrific TWO'S: Child Development from 24 to 36 Months2 ECE 1.1 $15.00 Each year of a child's life brings new changes in their development. Learn what is happening to an average child between 24 to 36 months.Purchase
Transitioning With The Young Child In Mind 2 ECE 4.1 $15.00 Young children often have difficulty moving from one activity or place to another. Let's find out why and make it easier and FUN!Purchase
Training For Trainers Level 140 ADM 9 $350.00 Many trainers need to complete the requirements for Trainer Designation, Level 1. This course is a comprehensive look at the necessary skills to train adults in the field.Purchase